Executive Committee


Robert A. Adelson

617‐951‐9980, radelson@engelschultz.com is a corporate and tax attorney and partner at a 6 attorney Boston law firm, Engel & Schultz, LLP, www.engelschultz.com.  With over 25 years of experience, Rob represents startup and smaller companies with issues of LLCs and incorporation, allocation of founders’ equity, shareholder arrangements, employee recruitment, trademarks and IP protection, M&A and strategic alliances, licensing and commercial contracts, VC, angel finance and term sheet negotiations. He also represents employees and executives negotiating employment terms, stock, options, non‐competes, severance and termination and consultants on liability issues, IP protections, and vendor, client and subcontractor contracting arrangements. 

Vice Chair - Membership

Brigid Siegel

508-254-4343, brigid.siegel@wardhowell-usa.com

Vice Chair - Operations

Millie Kwan, President, The WSI Touch (www.thewsitouch.com)

Millie Kwan is Founder and President of The WSI Touch, a digital marketing agency that has been serving small to medium-sized businesses in Greater Boston since 2009. Millie has over 20 years’ experience in IT development, management, education and research. She received her Doctor of Business Administration degree from Boston University and M.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St Louis. She has taught at Babson College, University of Hong Kong and Boston University. She has published research on knowledge management, process redesign and workflow management. In her early career, she specialized in the field of library automation and has led the implementation of various library systems for the University of Rhode Island, the HELIN Library Consortium of Rhode Island, and Washington University in St Louis. https://twitter.com/thewsitouch


Vice Chair - Programs

Kartik Ganesan


Dr. Karthik Ganesan is the American Program Director for Business Consulting and Enterprise IT at Cognizant Technology Solutions, a NASDAQ listed, Fortune 500 US corporation. He manages a multimillion dollar portfolio of services for corporate customers, leading globally distributed teams to provide domain knowledge and technical services.

Dr. Ganesan’s experience spans applying optimization and domain knowledge skills to manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and retail operations in large corporations. As a domain leader, he manages teams spread across the USA, Latin America and Europe for delivering business and IT projects. He focuses on solving logistics operations and supply chain management and manufacturing problems faced by his customers. He is responsible for leading the business center in implementing full-life cycle solutions to his customers within competitive, time constrained contractual terms. His responsibility extends to internal and external team management, customer satisfaction and securing repeat business for his group. Prior to taking this industry position, he spent over a decade in graduate level teaching and research in both engineering and business schools.



Alan Silver

781‐652‐0211, ASilver@PartimeCFO.com works as the part‐time Chief Financial Officer for technology start‐ups. Over the last 20 years he has worked with over 60 tech start‐ups, a few at a time, including one that went public. MSM, MIT Sloan School of Management. 


William Mansfield

Patent Attorney, Mansfield Law, mailto:attorneywilliammansfield@gmail.com 



William Byrnes

508‐833‐1358, wrbyrnes@aol.com Bill is an attorney and senior executive with 25+ years of experience building value by commercializing information and technology. Bill's focus involves a unique application of his legal and business management experience on the day‐to‐day management of all elements of the product, sales, and contract life cycles as the core of the business. The effect of this focus can convert expense into value driven to the bottom line with increased shareholder value as the results.




Maureen Mansfield

MaureenMansfield@Post.Harvard.EDU, Maureen is a co-founder of iTravelNow. Maureen has been a television reporter, has started two charities, and has worked in business development for professional services firms. She organizes "The Joy of Law" series offering conversations over coffee with counselors.


Dr. Roger Frechette

Co-Founder and Principal of New England PharmAssociates, a consultancy offering on-demand executive and business advisory services to life sciences enterprises. Dr. Frechette has been a volunteer with Boston ENET since 2014, and supports area start-ups as a mentor for MassBio’s MassCONNECT Program and the MTTC’s Platform Program. 



Stacey Arbetter, Co-founder & CEO of Mutt Maps, Inc., http:/muttmaps.com/

Stacey is a Serial Entrepreneur of several successful startups including the leading supplier in North America of an industrial product for the transportation industry and, previously, the largest independent exporter of automobiles in the U.S., excel at identifying market opportunities. She is motivated by new challenges where complex, innovative problem-solving skills and business strategy can bring direct and immediate value to an enterprise.  Stacey’s latest startup is Mutt Maps.  Mutt Maps is a web app developing a community for pet owners that delivers community-reviewed, geolocated, pet-friendly places, services and products.


IEEE Representative

Michael  A.  Deaett

Michael Deaett has over 40 years of advanced systems design experience with an emphasis on new business development. He has worked for Applied Radar, Inc, Worthington Signal Processing, Draper Laboratory, Raytheon, General Electric Co, Inland Steel Corp., Motorola and the US Government. Mr. Deaett has been a principal investigator on numerous advanced development projects in radar, sonar, signature synthesis, medical imaging and image recognition. His expertise includes signal processing, pattern recognition, project management and new business development. He has published and patented many novel techniques applicable to digital signal processing and to medical imaging.

He has been a member of the Boston Entrepreneurs‘ Network for 25 years and an officer for 20 of those years. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and a member of the Acoustical Society of America.

401‐742‐1624,  madeaett@verizon.net 



Fausto Molinet

fmolinet@matrix-consult.com,  Fausto co-founded the Entrepreneurs’ Network, and is president of Matrix Internationale, a business development group with associates in Boston, Chicago, Melbourne, Florida and Metzingen, Germany.   www.matrixinternationale.com



Chair Emeritus

Mike Chester

508 872-1708, m.chester@ieee.org.  As a serial entrepreneur and president of International Manufacturing Consultants, Mike has started companies in both the USA China.  He helps startups with strategy, operations, business development, technology commercialization, and capital raising.  He has set up wireless payment banking systems in China.



Web Master

Kathleen Ballos, Ballos Associates (www.ballos.com)

978-597-6040, Kathleen@ballos.com

Kathleen is a web site developer, who has been in the marketing industry, with an emphasis on computer technology for over 23 years.  In 1995, Kathleen resigned as vice president of a data-driven direct mail catalog and manufacturing company located in Westford, MA to pursue a long time goal as an entrepreneur. Kathleen has received various recognition throughout her career, including awards presented by W.R. Grace Corporation and McGraw-Hill Corporation, as well as letters of recommendation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratories.