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IP and Business Law Issues for your Startup

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

“Intellectual Property (IP) and Business Law for Startups" the last meeting of 2014 for the Boston Entrepreneurs' Network (E-NET), features a panel with extensive experience in the legal and business issues faced by technology companies and their founders including strategies used to protect those rights while expanding the business. The attorneys on the panel have provided counsel for the wide variety practical situations which all entrepreneurs face. Whether it involves the legal issues of protection and licensing of intellectual property or day-to-day issues like increasing sales, the panel will share the benefits of their experience.

Bootstrapping a Lean Start Up

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Starting a business? How will you fund it? It would appear at first glance from the press that most successful startups get funding from VC and Angel investments, when in reality most businesses are self-funded. Bootstrapping is the process whereby a business is started without any external help or capital. These businesses typically use personal savings, lines of credit, or internal cash flow to fund the business. Most operate in a lean model being very cautious with expenses while reinvesting any profits back in to the business to support development and growth.